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These eBooks collect posts each year that have been published since 2016 on the FDC blog touching upon the broad area of symbiotic autonomous systems from technology enablers evolution to personal and social impacts.

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SAS Workshop Report - October 2018

SAS Workshop Report – San Diego, 30 October 2018


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The Deming Twin
Authored by: Patrick Henz, Head of Governance & Compliance, Regional Compliance Officer Americas

Gianluca Bacchiega shortly defined in 2017: "A digital twin is a real time digital replica of a physical device." To be more specific, the IEEE’s work-group for Symbiotic Autonomous Systems defined in its second white paper: “a Digital Twin is a digital representation of any characteristics of a real entity, including human beings. The characteristics represented by a Digital Twin are a subset of the overall characteristics of a real entity. The choice of which characteristics are digitalized depends on the purpose of the digitalization, i.e., the intended use of the Digital Twin.” Based on this definition, the virtual model is not limited to being the second (replica), but instead understands it as a digital mirror of a physical object (including a living organism) or process.

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Understanding the Societal Impact of Autonomous Technologies
By Raj Madhavan, IEEE SAS Initiative Co-Chair

Autonomous technologies have a bit of a Hollywood problem.

Movies and TV shows have made it quite easy to talk about autonomous technologies such as robots, self-driving cars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Hollywood has turned the topic into a dependable conversation starter in schools, in boardrooms, at dinner parties, etc., and that’s definitely a good, helpful thing for researchers in the space.

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Testing Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles
National Instruments

A flexible test solution that expands with new technologies and addresses complex timing and simulation is essential. By using a test system that keeps pace with your cutting-edge technology, you’ll be on the road to producing safe, smart vehicles that are ready on time.

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