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The Rise of Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Workshop at Technology Time Machine (TTM) 2018, San Diego, CA, USA

The Workshop is promoted by the IEEE FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems (SAS) Initiative, aiming at clustering a broad community of researchers (both in academia and industry), practitioners from the industry and institutions that are likely to be affected by the dissemination of autonomous systems and are responsible to manage the social, legislative and ethical implications.  You can get more information on symbiotic autonomous systems in the SAS Initiative White Paper.

Roberto Saracco, EIT ICT Labs Italy
Phone: +39 335 612 1259

Francesco Flammini, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Phone: +46 072 529 4952

Worskhop Date:

30 October 2018 

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Symbiotic Autonomous Systems: Fostering Technology, Ethics, Public Policy, and Societal Enablers Workshop at the International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC) 2018

The IEEE Future Directions Symbiotic Autonomous Systems (SAS) Initiative is taking a leadership role in fostering consensus on how best to bring about symbiotic relationships between autonomous systems, and capitalize on the recognition that SAS are poised to have a revolutionary impact on society over the coming years. The Initiative will facilitate the development of a new field of Symbiotic Systems Science (SSS) to consolidate and advance technological expertise with emphasis on ethical, legal, and societal (ELS) implications, and with the objective to promote human-centric economic growth. The proposed full-day WS will allow for the discussion of the implementations and implications of symbiotic systems. In addition to technical aspects, emphasis will be placed on important factors that need to be taken into consideration such as environmental, structural, and socio-economic constraints. The WS will consist of presentations of research, technology-policy and ELS issues as keynotes and technical talks and stimulate active participation of all attendees.

Raj Madhavan, Ph.D., Founder & CEO at Humanitarian Robotics Technologies, LLC

Workshop Date:

9 October 2018 

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