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SAS Infographic Part1

What Exactly is Symbiotic Autonomous Systems?

The Symbiotic Autonomous Systems (SAS) initiative fosters studies and applications focused on the convergence of human augmentation with the increasing intelligence and awareness of artifacts, leading towards a symbiosis of humans and machines. This will have significant implications for human society as a whole, affecting culture and the economy and prompting new questions about our place on Earth.

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The Race in Duckietown: Teaching Autonomous Driving

Students at MIT get hands on experience learning the basics of Linux and ROS (Robotic Operating System) operations by programming autonomous vehicles to drive around rubber duckies, and you can too. 

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Technology Spotlight

Band aid Sensor

Stretchy Sensors to Measure Blood Pressure and More

A team of researchers at UC San Diego University have announced the development of a sophisticated sensor which can continuously monitor blood pressure when placed on your skin like a band-aid.

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