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Couldn't Attend TTM? Read the SAS Report

The SAS Workshop in San Diego was run in conjunction with TTM2018, a fitting association since the horizon on the initiative is long term 2040-2050. It was pointed out that the evolution towards Symbiotic Autonomous Systems is “almost” inevitable. It will be the end result of the concurrent evolution of machine augmentation and human augmentation converging on a symbioses. 

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Feature Article


The Race in Duckietown: Teaching Autonomous Driving

Students at MIT get hands on experience learning the basics of Linux and ROS (Robotic Operating System) operations by programming autonomous vehicles to drive around rubber duckies, and you can too. 

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Technology Spotlight

Digital Twin Train

Digital Twins Take the Train

How do Digital Twins improve the railway system in Italy? Read this article by Roberto Saracco to find out!

Find the article at the IEEE Future Directions Blog by Roberto Saracco