SAS eBook


Symbiotic Autonomous Systems eBook by Roberto Saracco Volume 1: Evolution

SAS ebook


This eBook collects posts that have been published since 2016 on the FDC blog touching upon the broad area of symbiotic autonomous systems from technology enablers evolution to personal and social impacts.

The work is part of, and has benefitted from the IEEE FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative, SAS, and the thoughts offered derives from discussions had in that context.

Technology evolution is opening up new possibilities as well as unexpected ethical and social issues. Please share your thinking and ideas by commenting on the posts that are being published every day on the FDC blog and be part of the SAS Initiative.

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Symbiotic Autonomous Systems eBook by Roberto Saracco Volume 2: Transhumanism

sas ebookThis short ebook contains a number of posts I, Roberto Saracco, wrote in the last four years on Transhumanism, a topic that has emerged in the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative as we have been discussing the augmentation of humans and their progressive symbioses with (augmented) machines. The posts have been revised and extended to take into account the evolution in this area.