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Market and Industry Forecast

The symbiotic autonomous system comprises very broad areas, each one with its own specificity evolution trends, market potential and uptake and, obviously, a variety of players.

In this part we keep, with your help, an up to date overview of several areas. Please comments and contribute to keep this part informative and up to date by providing comments and sending documents and pointers.

Please notice that the data and pointers are provided to give hints on the landscape. IEEE FDC, and the SAS initiative, is not peer reviewing these data nor endorsing any estimate. Different sources can provide different figures, often using different assessment criteria and different data lakes.

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Application Market Area

Overall view of autonomous systems in different areas in the next 10 years.

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The Artificial Intelligence market in Western Europe education sector to grow at a CAGR of 38.37% during the period 2017-2021, the education system in Europe is gradually adopting e-learning and other related tools such as social learning. The growth of Digital twins for humans will create a broad market for autonomous systems application to the education area. This market is already growing in the professional education space.

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Artificial Intelligence is on the way to disrupt several consultancy areas, with the financial markets already starting to feel the heat.

Autonomous systems, today mostly in form of bots, will be dominating the landscape in consultancy in the coming decades.

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As the data space grows automated consultancy bots become essential in scouting the cyberspace and providing customised consultancy in many sectors (purchasing, health care, finance, travel, …).

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Health Care
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Prosthetics market 1.76 B by 2025 Grand View Research
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Personal Assistant
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Autonomous Vehicle Market 126.8 B by 2027 CISION
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Road Infrastructure
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Technology Market Areas

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Sensors for autonomous cars could be worth 36 B in 2030
Artificial Intelligence
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Communications Report
5G market forecast expected to reach 619 B in the next decade for telecom operators and manufacturers, with autonomous robotics worth 35 B.
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Cooperative Support
 marketandindustry figure21
Augmented Humans
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