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IEEE International Workshop on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems
Main Theme: The Rise of Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

Co-located with IEEE Technology Time Machine (TTM 2018)
30 October 2018 | San Diego, CA, USA

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Venue: Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa

1775 East Mission Bay Drive

San Diego, CA, USA




   TTM SAS Workshop Program  
 8:30   Welcome and Introduction to SAS  

Roberto Saracco

 9:00  Keynote : Symbiotic Autonomous Systems: the fading boundaries of the cyberspace and their impact on communities and Society  Derrick de Kerckhove
 9:30  Open Discussion   
 10:00  Landing in a self flying airplane. Ready for it?  Antonio Crespo 
10:30  "Do you trust me?" vs "Can I trust you?" Root of Trust within My Connected Symbiotic Autonomous Systems John Budenske
11:00  Split in working groups to identify challenges and roadmapping solutions  
12:00  Wrap up from the groups  
12:30  Lunch  
13:30  Keynote : Planning for autonomous systems in the Trentino Region Paolo Traverso
14:00 Open Discussion  
14:30 Defense Machines: Towards Autonomous Network Security Systems Aman Singh
15:00 Split in working groups to identify challenges and roadmapping solutions  
16:30 Wrap up from the groups  
17:00 Day Closing Roberto Saracco


Workshop Description

The Workshop is promoted by the IEEE FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems (SAS) Initiative, aiming at clustering a broad community of researchers (both in academia and industry), practitioners from the industry and institutions that are likely to be affected by the dissemination of autonomous systems and are responsible to manage the social, legislative and ethical implications.

The co-location with TTM 2018 in San Diego is ideal to tackle these issues due to the interest of the TTM audience in shaping the future and the expected relevance of Symbiotic Autonomous Systems in the 4th decade of this century.

Although there is a generalised consensus that fully-fledged symbiotic autonomous systems are unlikely to become operational very soon, it is clear that part of this evolution is already ongoing and the whole society would benefit from its early shaping and impact prediction.

The workshop format will include keynotes, brainstorming sessions and focused presentations.

The goal of the workshop is to speculate on evolution trends and paths rising questions as well as creating frames for developing answers. You can get more information on symbiotic autonomous systems in the SAS Initiative White Paper (PDF, 3 MB).


Workshop Organizers:

Roberto Saracco, EIT ICT Labs Italy
Phone: +39 335 612 1259

Francesco Flammini, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Phone: +46 072 529 4952


IEEE FDC SAS Initiative Steering Committee:

Raj Madhavan
Roberto Saracco
Iddo Bante
Tom Coughlin
Stuart Dambrot
Derrick de Kerckhove
Witold Kinsner
Robby Robson
Eddie Tunstel
Francesco Flammini