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Couldn't Attend TTM? Read the SAS Report

The SAS Workshop in San Diego was run in conjunction with TTM2018, a fitting association since the horizon on the initiative is long term 2040-2050. It was pointed out that the evolution towards Symbiotic Autonomous Systems is “almost” inevitable. It will be the end result of the concurrent evolution of machine augmentation and human augmentation converging on a symbioses. 

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Feature Article

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HAL Is Coming Back, And It’s Here To Stay!

It is now 50 years since the “2001: A space Odyssey”, the movie directed by Stanley Kubrick. At that time it made quite an impression, a spaceship with an AI support, HAL, able to talk to the astronauts that eventually tried to take control of the spaceship. HAL was an example of what we call today Artificial General Intelligence, and the Chinese Academy of Science plans to use this technology in their new research labratory.

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Technology Spotlight

Street light

Responsive Design is Hitting the Streets

Imagine a city which changes to suit your needs. London-based Ross Atkin Associates seeks to improve the pedestrian experience, enhancing smart cities with adaptable street lamps, audio aids, and more.

Watch the Concept Video Here