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Couldn't Attend TTM? Read the SAS Report

The SAS Workshop in San Diego was run in conjunction with TTM2018, a fitting association since the horizon on the initiative is long term 2040-2050. It was pointed out that the evolution towards Symbiotic Autonomous Systems is “almost” inevitable. It will be the end result of the concurrent evolution of machine augmentation and human augmentation converging on a symbioses. 

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Feature Article

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The Deming Twin

Gianluca Bacchiega shortly defined in 2017: "A digital twin is a real time digital replica of a physical device." To be more specific, the IEEE’s work-group for Symbiotic Autonomous Systems defined in its second white paper: “a Digital Twin is a digital representation of any characteristics of a real entity, including human beings. The characteristics represented by a Digital Twin are a subset of the overall characteristics of a real entity. The choice of which characteristics are digitalized depends on the purpose of the digitalization, i.e., the intended use of the Digital Twin.” Based on this definition, the virtual model is not limited to being the second (replica), but instead understands it as a digital mirror of a physical object (including a living organism) or process.

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Technology Spotlight

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Entering the Virtual Battlefield

Microsoft has won a 480 million $ two year contract to create a virtual environment for US Army soldiers based on Hololens technology that may result in the use of 100,000 VR headsets by US Army to train soldiers. 

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